On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, the Sunrise Rotary Club met at the Museum of Divine Statues in Lakewood, Ohio. The club was treated to a presentation by museum curator and founder, Lou McClung. Mr. McClung is the proprietor of Lusso Cosmetics located in the old St. Hedgwig's school building in Lakewood where he produces his own line of cosmetics. A few years ago Mr. McClung purchased an antique statue at a second-hand shop. He restored the statue to its original beauty and became fascinated with statue restoration. Around the same time a number of churches closed in the Cleveland area. Mr. McClung purchased some of the statues and artifacts from the Churches and restored them to their original beauty. After amassing a collection of statues, Mr. McClung decided to open a museum in 2011 in the old St. Hedgwig's Church on Madison Ave.
For those wishing to return to the museum, you can do so on Sunday afternoons from 12p to 4p. Cost of admission is $10/person.
Contact Information for the Museum of Divine Statues:
Address: 12905 Madison Ave.
Phone: 216-228-9950
Website: http://museumofdivinestatues.com/index.html
Pictures courtesy of Dave Clements