Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This past Saturday some of your fellow Rotarians gathered at Rocky River United Methodist Church for the memorial service in memory of Bill Minnich’s’ wife, Susan.  They had been married a glorious 60 years, that’s quite a statement.  Bill’s grandson was asked to provide a eulogy which he handled very well.  Part of the eulogy included a short poem framed around a “dash -, a hyphen” that is placed between your birth and death dates.  That little dash, that little dash that really represents everything about you, everything you have done in your life and all the lives that you have touched.  A dash does not seem like enough. It was really a great way to reflect on life, lives usually made up of thousands of dashes, yet represented by a single dash from birth to death.  For myself, I can say the dashes have not always been in a straight line or always pointed in the right direction, but the journey continues.
As Rotarians we are banded together to make our individual dashes more meaningful for others that need our support.  Everything we do to “Make A Difference” becomes part of your string of dashes that will eventually become that single dash.  Part of our immediate “dash” is our Auction that is only a month away.   We are really in the final days and we need everyone’s support.  You need to decide how you will help your Club and how your dash will measure up.  Please do what you can.
This Monday night we have our monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at the Lakewood Public Library.  Tuesday night at 6:30 PM we will help the Rocky River Assistance Program with food sorting for families in need in Rocky River.  Wednesday we have our Club Assembly which will touch on the Fund Raiser and Club Committees.  Let's all strive to make each dash meaningful.