Jul 24, 2019 7:30 AM
Club Social - location at the Clifton Club at 5pm
Jul 31, 2019
see Barbara Demko-Werner for details
SHOE BOX Project
Aug 06, 2019
Club Assembly
Aug 14, 2019
Club Assembly
Sep 11, 2019
GOLF Outing @ RedTail
Sep 16, 2019
Hannah Wiltshire
Oct 02, 2019
Lead Volunteer Coordinator at Child and Family Advocates of Cuyahoga County (CFACC)
Club Assembly
Oct 09, 2019
Our Vision: The Sunrise Rotary Club of Ohio offer the members the opportunity to participate in service projects, both locally and internationally, while meeting the Objective of Rotary International.

We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.

Lakewood and Rocky River SR

Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Don Umerley Civic Center
21016 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH  44116
United States of America
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Home Page Stories
March 13, 2019
Adam Sonnhalter Assistant District Governor for 6630 presents President Elect Lynda Carter with her Presidential Year banner and Theme.
"Rotary Connects the World"
March 13, 2019 we were privileged to have our Assistant District Governor Adam Sonnhalter present to induct our new member Jason Pickering!
This past Wednesday, December 12th we were privileged to have Adam Sonnhalter; Assistant District 6630 Governor attend our meeting and provide formal induction for our newest members.  We are pleased to welcome Anne Marie Peacock and Gary Rossen.
October 10, 2018 we hosted District 6630 Governor Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski for her official visit to our Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club.  In addition, Bev and I honored our Club's first Unsung Hero, W. Todd Kiick.  This award was initiated by Beverly for all clubs this year to honor individuals who work tirelessly in the background.  These individuals and in particular Todd, always hold everyone to the precepts of the Four Way Test.  Todd never asks for fame, always participates in meetings and is also represented to the District in various roles.  Thank you to Bev and to Todd for helping us to be a GREAT ROTARY CLUB!  
Lakewood/rocky River Sunrise Rotary
All...my sincere appreciation to all who attended this morning's meeting and induction of Officers and Board for the Rotary Year 2018/2019 "Be the Inspiration"
Kathy did her induction of Officers and Board with her usual enthusiasm and prompting "Ha", we all need a little instruction every now and then.  Chuck shared his appreciation for all who supported and helped throughout his tenure (2 times now!!).  Many thanks from me to Chuck for his mentorship and guidance as I assume the role of President.
Kim Murphy was sworn in as our newest board member and she and Kevin Beirne have already stepped up to take the lead on the Rocky River Assistance Program school supply drive.  WOW and thank you to some of our newest members!!
We had two guests Louis from Mexico, a 5 time President of his Club and Chris who has relocated back to Ohio from New England.  Nice to have an international guest as well as prospective member in attendance this morning.
We presented Karen King a card of sympathy for the recent loss of her Father and our prayers are with her and her family.
For those of you who read the entire message, take note: NO MEETING JULY 4 in observance of the holiday!
Our next/first Board meeting of the new year will be on July the 11th at 6 pm in the Lakewood Library.  Note this is a change of days from Monday to Wednesdays!
"Be the Inspiration" is our new theme for the coming Rotary year.  Please take time to think about who has inspired you?  Have you taken time to thank them?
It may have been a teacher, a minister, a coach, your Mom & Dad???  Think about how we can incorporate inspiration into our meetings, our activities, and our actions.  Think about how we can become the inspiration for the youth community we have focused on.  They will be our next members, our next leaders.
Thank you for all you do.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We’re close to the end of March and I don’t have all of my “To Do’s” checked off for this month.  That of course reminds me that we all need to get cracking on our taxes.  Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax”.  I get it, I understand it, although I often have mixed emotions when the money gets redistributed to all of the groups that lay claim to our income.  So while it can be painful and sometimes you feel the tax burden is unfair, I try to keep in mind how lucky we are to earn money and by necessity, pay taxes.  We are all fortunate, in addition to being very resourceful.  It’s our personal hard work and good fortune that make it possible to be a Rotarian and share our talent and resources in helping others.  The great thing about the time and money you invest with Rotary is that you have some modicum of control over its use. 
As a Club we do a lot of different things, all member driven and resourced.  Please continue to think about the things we do and how we can improve our delivery and product.  If you want to add, delete, modify or just leave something alone, we need your voice, your input.  Our Club will be developing our Budget for the new year in the next month and your input is critical.  Be an agent of Rotary, “Make A Difference” and help your Club grow and thrive. Everyone’s opinion is important, please be heard.  
To visit our website click here.
See you Wednesday.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
MARCH, “March Madness”.  I think of the NCAA basketball tournament when I hear “March Madness”.  It has to be the greatest playoff style event in sports.  Even if your not a fan of basketball or any particular team, it just presents the best there is in an athletic event.  “March Madness” also means the start of Daylight Savings Time.  I think this is a “Madness” that has been perpetuated since its inception in the United States in 1918, a hundred years ago.  Since then it has been debated, changed back and forth and ignored by some States. Now that is “Madness”.  We have a certain amount of “Madness” in everyday life.  Through the centuries crazy people have done lots of crazy stuff.  Now we have exponentially more people on earth and we have a whole lot more “Madness”.  Our weather in March always displays a touch of “Madness”.  You expect more 40 degree days and you get 25.  You expect clearer skies and you get snow.  I think the secret is to remain calm, focused and upbeat and make the best of your life in spite of the “Madness” around us all.  Whether your team wins or loses, you awaken in the dark, it snows or shines and you feel like the
crazies are winning, take in a deep breath and push ahead.  We out number the crazies and all the “Madness”.
While you ponder that deep philosophical outpouring, think of the good Rotary does in our communities and worldwide.  Think about what we do as a Club and what we could do.  Are you the architect of the next project and Club endeavor?  It’s that time of year when we look at our activities
and budget for the new Rotary year that begins July 1. 2018.  So bring your ideas and wish list and help us make our Club stronger and ever more effective while you enjoy what is the “Madness” of March.  See you all Wednesday.    
Visit Club Website here        
Thanks Chuck for leading through a casual but effective After Auction Review!
On the positive, there were many comments from club as well as guest that the Auction was a good time!  People had fun, the food was good and the format was good.  Everyone enjoyed the young people and especially having the 3 youth speakers.  
It was suggested that we keep the same format for next event.  Be content with size and expectations; don't try to grow too fast.  Make sure we test and adjust Audio volume in each area so we don't chase people from any area.  Check in and Check out had some bumps, but most thought it went pretty well.  We should however expand checkout stations for more efficiency.  We should detail contents of Top Hat baskets and silent auction grouping so community can understand what is included.  Cork Pull was a success; expand for next event.  Adjust timeline to allow for browsing and social.  Pace of the event was OK in spite of on the spot tweaking.  Live auction items need to be highlighted to allow participants a change to review; perhaps balloons at each item, pictures and detailed descriptions.  Live auction should start bidding at lower than published value to encourage bargain hunters to bid. 
We should probably keep number of baskets, top hats and live auction items near same number for next year.
If I missed anything, please speak up at our next meeting.
In addition, the Club decided to share proceeds with AYF in the amount of $3,000.00 and each Interact Club (Lutheran West and Lakewood) would get $350.00. 
Thanks for all you do to make our Club a great organization.
A man is trying to understand the nature of God, and asked him: "God how long is a million years to you?"  God Answered: "A million years is like a minute." Then the man asked: "God, how much is a million dollars to you?"  And God replied: "A million dollars is like a penny."  Finally the man asked" "God, could you give me a penny?'  And God said, "In a minute."
We have to extend a sincere Thank You to Carolyn Billick of the Rocky River Assistance Program for sharing their story and for giving us ideas where we may be able to help.  She sent me the following:


Thank you for having me come speak to your group this morning; I had a great time.  I especially appreciate how nice everyone was to Danica, too!

As I mentioned in my talk, partnering with Rotary for our School Supply Initiative would help us reduce the spending associated with this project.  Below are the "most needed" items from last year.  Please let me know your group's thoughts on participating in this project.

In the future, I will be in touch regarding Pack & Sort help, too.

·         Colored Pencils

·         Composition Books

·         Crayola Washable Markers

·         Crayons

·         Dry-Erase Markers-Thin and Thick

·         Gallon Zip Lock Bags

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Highlighters

·         Index Cards

·         Large Erasers

·         Large Glue Sticks

·         Number 2 Pencils

·         Pencil Sharpener

·         Post it Notes

·         Sandwich Zip Lock Bags

·         Single Subject Notebooks – Solid Color on Cover

·         Tissue

·         Wide Rule Loose Leaf Paper

Thank you for Rotary's continued support of our worthwhile cause.  Julie and I are honored to be part of this program and are always impressed with the generosity of the Rocky River community.
Have a nice day, and we'll see you again soon!
Carolyn Billick & Julie MacDonald
Time is relative, and it seemed like it took forever to get to our auction, and then it was over in the blink of an eye.  Now, we are approaching the the end of February and looking forward to hearing from Kristen Broadbent about the new "Three Arches Foundation".  I am sure she will share how the former Lakewood Foundation became Three Arches with new and exciting future.
Looking forward to a great week and don't forget our Lutheran School connection....they are having BLOOD DRIVE Tuesday March 6....reach out to sfuchs@lutheranswest.com  for more information.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
AUCTION, AUCTION, AUCTION. I’m sure many of you are weary of hearing about our upcoming Auction Fund Raiser February 9th.  It’s my job and obligation to the Club to promote and cajole each and every Club Member to get maximum participation.  The event will be the financial lifeblood of the Club this next Rotary year.  The deadline for Auction items to be listed in the program is this Wednesday.  Lottery tickets, invited guests, tickets you sell to acquaintances, that deadline is the beginning of the following week.
In our Club we have over achievers for the Auction and unfortunately non-achievers and everything in between.  Where are you in this picture?  The Club belongs to the members, the members pick the activities and projects, the Club Treasury tries to fund the activities. The connection is obvious.
It’s not too late to invite guests and sell tickets.  It is the least you can do and should do.  I understand we all belong by choice and you may choose not to participate by choice, what does that say?  Once the Auction is behind us we return to our regular program of guest speakers and the monthly Club Assembly.  I can’t wait.  I feel like I have been brow beating everyone with this same refrain and for that I apologize.  So for the last time, please get on board, do your part and I promise to leave you alone about fundraising.
These last 3-4 months we have gained three new members, Kim Murphy, Kevin Beirne and Bob Hamed.  I’m grateful for their willingness to join and participate.  To keep them on track and provide them with a good understanding of Rotary and our Club, I would like three volunteers to help mentor them and handle questions and concerns that my come along.  Who’s going to step up to this task?   This is an important obligation we have as a Club to make certain a new member understands what and why we do things, educate them a little on the District and facilitate their integration into our Club.  I’ll be waiting in the wings to see who steps up. 
So for the last News update it’s all about AUCTION, AUCTION, AUCTION.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Winter, Spring like and back to Winter.  We are on the weather roller coaster that is so typical of northern Ohio.  It sort of mirrors life with up and downs, success and set-backs, but we persevere.  Our Club is a little like that too.  We’ve had crazy growth, some modest decline, unbridled enthusiasm and doldrums, a plethora of activities and then a slow-down.  It’s the rhythm of life and Rotary is not any different.  It’s up to each of us to make our life meaningful and Rotary can and should be a part of that effort.
We have our Auction Fund Raiser in about three weeks.  We have had some members chasing hard and others on the sideline.  It’s time for everyone to get engaged and be part of this effort. We have a deadline of January 31st for Auction Items.  It is truly time to get in gear.  If you haven’t done so already, this is your personal to do list to get help you get involved:
-Solicit Auction Items.
-Bring your Wine, Beer, Liquor and Lottery Tickets to the meeting.
-Invite guests or acquaintances to the event.
-Commit to help in any way you can Auction day.  .   
The success of the Auction resides with all of us and it will make funding activities this next year possible.  Remember the Club is a reflection of its membership.
This Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM we have an off site volunteer project to help the Rocky River Assistance Program sort and package food for needy families in Rocky River.  It usually takes an hour or so and then we will adjourn to Herb's Tavern.  The RRAP is in the MRD Building which is set back off Detroit Rd. just east of ACE hardware.  Come help out and enjoy some social time with your fellow members.
See you Wednesday.
Everyone’s life has to have a purpose to be meaningful, one such purpose is Service to others.  “Service Above Self”, “Making A Difference”, all mottos of Rotary and what we do as Rotarians and a Club. The proceeds of our auction this February 9th will make it possible to live up to our creed.
This week at our meeting we will hear from the Lakewood High School AYF participants from this last summer.  Do you need motivation, inspiration?  Maybe you just need to feel good about something our Club supports year after year.  This is but one thing from the myriad of things we do to support young people in our communities.
Please take a moment to do a personal inventory of what you have done or could do to support our Auction.  Time is very short.  Your deadline for Auction items is January 31st.  The other deadline is inviting guests.  We need to fill the room with 200 people.
Let’s Make A Difference.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This past Saturday some of your fellow Rotarians gathered at Rocky River United Methodist Church for the memorial service in memory of Bill Minnich’s’ wife, Susan.  They had been married a glorious 60 years, that’s quite a statement.  Bill’s grandson was asked to provide a eulogy which he handled very well.  Part of the eulogy included a short poem framed around a “dash -, a hyphen” that is placed between your birth and death dates.  That little dash, that little dash that really represents everything about you, everything you have done in your life and all the lives that you have touched.  A dash does not seem like enough. It was really a great way to reflect on life, lives usually made up of thousands of dashes, yet represented by a single dash from birth to death.  For myself, I can say the dashes have not always been in a straight line or always pointed in the right direction, but the journey continues.
As Rotarians we are banded together to make our individual dashes more meaningful for others that need our support.  Everything we do to “Make A Difference” becomes part of your string of dashes that will eventually become that single dash.  Part of our immediate “dash” is our Auction that is only a month away.   We are really in the final days and we need everyone’s support.  You need to decide how you will help your Club and how your dash will measure up.  Please do what you can.
This Monday night we have our monthly Board Meeting at 6:00 PM at the Lakewood Public Library.  Tuesday night at 6:30 PM we will help the Rocky River Assistance Program with food sorting for families in need in Rocky River.  Wednesday we have our Club Assembly which will touch on the Fund Raiser and Club Committees.  Let's all strive to make each dash meaningful.          
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Happy New Year to everyone.  It just seems like we celebrated this same event only months ago.  Time does fly by and as we enter this New Year, we all need to be mindful of our Auction Fund Raiser that is planned to be on February 9th.  Our meeting this coming Wednesday will be dedicated to the final planning and commitments from everyone to make this event a success.  Remember, the money we raise will be incorporated into our 2018/2019 budget that gives us the ability to support projects and activities that you, our membership, want to do in the upcoming year.  My expectation is a full house this Wednesday at our meeting and your willingness and support of this activity.  Get those sponsors, table reservations, lottery tickets and donation items.  We need auction items and attendees.
January 9th we have our monthly Board Meeting at Lakewood Public Library from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.  Anyone can attend, you don’t need to be a Board Member.  Remember, our job is really to do the will of the Club within the structure of our Club Bylaws and Rotary International.  Your input is always welcome. As you go about your daily routine,  please think about what we can do to make our Club even better at “Making A Difference”.  Remember, too, that we need to recruit others to make this journey we know as being a Rotarian.  Invite someone you know to one of our meetings and see if we are a good fit for their desire to give back.  January 16th, Tuesday evening from 6:30 to maybe 8:00, we will be assisting the Rocky River Assistance Program with the breakdown of the food items for distribution.  We did this last year and our process usually includes some Club social time afterward.  We will convene after our work is completed at Herbs Tavern in Rocky River.                 .       
All the best to everyone and Happy New Year 2018!!
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
This week Wednesday at our meeting we will host Charles Eversole, Director of the Singing Angels.  Charles will lead our Club in singing Christmas Carols and other songs.  You don’t want to miss the meeting.  Charles is really talented and he makes the morning fun and memorable.  So take care of your voice.  We will also do our traditional Christmas book exchange among the attendees.  So please take the time to select a book from your personal collection, wrap it and bring it with you Wednesday.  While our official Club Santa has moved to South Africa, we will do our best to come up with a stand in.
This past Friday evening and Saturday morning a number of your fellow Rotarians helped with the LCAC Food Distribution at the Masonic Temple in Lakewood.  Our member, Sabine from Breadsmith, provided over 300 loaves of bread for the event.  Friday night when we wrapped and counted out the bread, the basement of the Masonic Hall smelled like a bakery and it stirred everyone’s appetite.  There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread.  Thank you Sabine.
Our focus moving into the close of 2017 and the New Year is our Auction Fund Raiser in February.  So in the midst of shopping and preparing for Christmas, add the need for donations for the auction, your personal guest list and whatever else you can do to make this a great success.  This is our only big annual event and we need everyone to step up and help.  See you Wednesday.  Don’t forget your voice and a book or two.              
This morning  Assistant District Governor Kathy Berkshire offically inducted Kevin Beirne and Bob Hamad into the Lakewood / Rocky River Sunrise Rotary!
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter with cold temperatures and a light dusting of snow.  The forecast predicts more of the same for the next few days and it reminds me to get my Christmas list completed. As we complete our tasks for Christmas, I know we all keep in mind the less fortunate in our midst.  Again this year we have provided gifts cards for the Rocky River Assistance Program and this weekend, Friday evening and Saturday morning, we will be helping with the Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation Food Distribution.  Come on out Saturday about 9:00 AM for camaraderie and the good feeling you get helping others.
This week at our meeting we are pleased to be swearing in our newest members, Bob Hamed and Kevin Beirne.  Bob is Mike Hamed’s father and he’s happily retired.  Kevin is an active father with several young children and he’s engaged in the Commercial Insurance business.  Please make an extra effort to attend the meeting and welcome them into our ranks.  Let’s make their commitment to Rotary meaningful and productive by helping them get involved in our activities.  Think about who else you know that would be a good candidate to belong to Rotary.  As you sell Rotary, it’s important to remember you’re a member in the world’s largest service organization and as such, welcome to any Club in the world.
Our deepest sympathy to Bill Minnich and his family at the loss of Susan, his wife and best friend for 60 years.  There will be a memorial service on Saturday, January 6, 2018, at 2:00p, in the Chapel at Rocky River United Methodist Church.
Our Interact youth at Lakewood High School did a great job with their Shelter Box Fund Raiser.  They made their goal and along the way garnered some well deserved attention from the local news outlets.  Our exchange student, Maria, was very active in the project and, of course, our thanks go to Kirsten Senger, the Club’s adult leader.  Kirsten is a tireless leader and advocate for the Interact youth at LHS.
This week our guest speaker is Simon Peck from the Case Weatherhead School.  The following week is our Christmas caroling program with Charles Eversole of the Singing Angels and not to be missed book exchange.  So dig around your collection, select a book, wrap it and bring it to the meeting.  See you on Wednesday.              
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Thanksgiving was a beautiful day and I hope everyone was able to share the day with family and friends.  We are certainly blessed with good fortune to live in the United States and enjoy the abundance we have come to accept as normal.  Our parent organization, Rotary International, reaches people and places throughout our world that are not nearly as fortunate as us.  When you give to the Rotary International Trust, you help fund not only local projects, but activities all around the world.  So please, do what you can and donate to Rotary International Trust Fund.  RI is a responsible steward and your contribution will be used to help those not as fortunate as any of us.
Speaking of helping, we have two tasks to complete before this year runs out.  Our Club committed to help the Rocky River Assistance Program with 20 gift cards for their Christmas effort.  Please pick up a $10-20.00 gift card and bring it to the meeting this Wednesday.  We are also committed to helping the Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation program with their food distribution.  We need helpers Friday evening, December 15th, to sort and package bread about 6:30 PM.  This takes about an hour or two.  Saturday morning, the 16th, we gather about 8:30 AM to package everything up and distribute food to needy families in Lakewood.  The turnout on this Saturday event is usually a little sparse, so please make an effort to help.  This is a hands on project that does not require you to spend money, just a little time.
Two other things that are very important as we get close to closing out 2018.  We need to elect three new Board Members and I think we can complete that task at our meeting.  The other is auction and raffle items for our February 9th event are needed.  Please remember that the money we raise will be used to support Club activities in the 2018/2019 Rotary year that begins on July 1st.  We need everyone to get behind this effort.    
This Wednesday our speaker will be Corporal Herman Williams, USMC, speaking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and his journey.  This is a disorder that afflicts many military, first responders and others that have experienced a traumatic event.  I hope to see all of you Wednesday.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We have a mere 21 days until Christmas and another week later we will be entering 2018.  I certainly have my share of unfinished business at work and personally.  I recall in Junior High School how the days seemed to drag on as we approached a Holiday break and now they
fly by with precious time to spare.  While we are all pressed to get things done, take an extra few moments and give “Thanks” for the all of the great things we tend to take for granted, your spouse, the roof over your head, food on the table and all of the things we enjoy each
and every day.  When you think about it, it makes giving back and “Making A Difference” an easier and more meaningful experience.  Whatever you do, big or small, all contributes to making our life and others better.
This next week Friday our Club will be involved with the LCAC Food Distribution.  Friday evening 6:30 -8:00 PM we will  package, sort and count bread donated by our member Sabine Kretzschmar from Breadsmith.  This project, and year around distribution, would not happen
without Sabine and her husband supporting our Club.  Saturday at 9:00 AM starts the food packaging and then distribution to needy families in Lakewood.   December 15 & 16.  Come for an hour, come for the duration, every set of hands makes the task easier. 
Our Club meeting this week will be Club Assembly, a time to chat about committee work and most importantly our Auction coming up in early February.  We are really in the waning hours of putting this together and we need everyone’s support in acquiring donation items.
It is not too early to put your invite list together for the event.  Our efforts in February will set the table financially for the Club in the upcoming year.  Bring your Auction items to the meeting. See you Wednesday.                 
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We kicked off the Thanksgiving Holiday week with our annual participation at the Lakewood Charitable Assistance food distribution this past weekend. Friday evening we packaged and sorted three hundred loaves of bread donated by the Breadsmith in Lakewood.  We accumulate the bread over the entire year for distribution and the big push is always Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We store bread in freezers that the Club purchased years back.  Saturday morning the food is packaged up and delivered to families in need throughout Lakewood.  We had help from Bill Minnich, Jean Vahue, Bill Gaydos, Dave Schaeffer and the Harris family Friday evening.  Saturday we had Jim Rowe, Jim Penning, Dave Bruedigan, and Jim & Marty Harris. LCAC had us vastly outnumbered on both days with a record turnout.  That will not be the case for the Christmas weekend when help drops way off, so please plan to help on this project.
Our Lakewood HS Interact students are working hard to attain their goal of $2000.00 for the purchase of two Shelter Boxes.  This last week Wednesday, they raised $241.00, proceeds from the dine at Chipolte event. So far they have accumulated about $1600.00 and they are still working to hit their goal. A big “Thank You” goes out to Marty Harris and Kirsten Senger, both of whom are dedicated to these young people and the Interact Club.
This Wednesday would be a great day to bring to our meeting your latest offerings for our February Auction Fund Raiser.  With the Holidays upon us, I understand your time is shared with many other activities and pressures, so make this easy and get this completed sooner than later.  Please remember your individual efforts will support all of the things we do as a Club in the up-coming year.
This week our speaker is Bob Buck who operates Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood. The following week our guest will speak to us on his journey to recover from PTSD and his experience in the Marine Corps.  You don’t want to miss a meeting.  We always enjoy good camaraderie, good food, good speakers and all of this for a good cause.  I hope to see you Wednesday.
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
I think it's official, Fall has arrived and Winter feels like it's closing fast.  Every November since the Club was Chartered over 10 years ago, our members have pitched in to help the Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corp. food distribution for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  This coming Friday evening, a handful of our members will sort and count bread we have accumulated thanks to the generosity of our member Sabine Kretzschmar and her husband who own Breadsmith in Lakewood.  They donate bread year around and for just these two distributions we will distribute 150-200 loaves of bread.  This bread will get bundled up with other foodstuffs for families in need in Lakewood.  We can’t thank Sabine and her husband enough for their continued support of the Club Project.  We have many other Club members that pick up and store bread.  Bill Gaydos, Marty & Jim Harris, Bill Minnich and who am I forgetting?  This coming Saturday the work continues with the packaging of the food and distributing throughout Lakewood.  It’s a great way to get in the giving Holiday spirit of the Holidays and do a little for those in need.
November is also the month we nominate and elect three new Board Members whose terms would begin July 1, 2018.  We have reached out to a few members, but it’s better if you just offer to serve.  Our meetings are held the first Monday of the month and the meeting lasts about an hour.  So please step forward and help your Club “Make A Difference”.  November is also the month we promote your participation in the Rotary International Foundation.  Jim Penning has presented information on this to the Club and he will mention it again.   Your support of the RI Foundation is a crucial part in our ability to provide outreach and help on projects in our backyard and beyond.  Please do what you can to support the RI Foundation and the important work being done all over the world.
Club Meeting Schedule:
Nov 15   Bill Gaydos Vocational Talk
Nov 22   Bob Buck, Peppers Restaurant in Lakewood
Club Activities Outside of our Meeting:
Nov 15  Chipotle Fund Raiser for our LHS Interact Club.  4-8 PM at 14881 Detroit Ave.
Nov 16  Joint Luncheon of the Lakewood & RR Chambers at Westwood CC.
Nov 17  LCAC Bread & Food sorting at the Masonic Temple in Lakewood.
Nov 18  LCAC Food packaging and delivery.  Masonic Temple in Lakewood.  
I hope to see everyone Wednesday morning.      
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
Each month just seems to roll by faster and faster as we head toward the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.  So much to do and so little time, or at least it sometimes feels that way.  It can be difficult to be all things to all people, so do the best you can and be comfortable knowing you are doing more than most people with your volunteer time and efforts.  This past Saturday our Club’s Interact and Exchange Students spent Saturday at Cuyahoga Falls HS with young folks from throughout the District.  Barb Sabal, Marty Harris, Jean Vahue and our friend of Rotary, Kersten Senger, all gave time to support our students and others.  Thank you all.  Marty, Barb and Jean also spent time feeding teachers at Harrison Elementary School in Lakewood one day this past week.  Now that is commitment in “Making A Difference”.  I hope I did not omit anyone.
How can you individually make a more of a difference??  How about serving as a Board Member for your Club??  Each November we nominate and elect at least three (3) new Board Members to serve a three year term commencing July 1 of next year, 2018.  You need to be a Rotarian in our Club and be willing to meet once a month for an hour or so to discuss everything we need to manage and grow our Club.  If you have never done it, volunteer.  If you have done it before, step up again.  The vitality of the Club and its stewardship belongs to each and every one of us.  Is it your turn??
Club activities this month:
Nov 15th  Chipotle Fund Raiser for Interact at LHS.  4-8 PM at 14881 Detroit Ave. Lakewood.
Nov 16th  Lakewood / RR Chamber Joint Luncheon at Westwood CC.
Nov 17th  LCAC Bread and Food sorting at the Masonic Temple Lakewood.
Nov 18th  LCAC Food packaging and delivery.  Masonic Temple Lakewood.
Club Meeting Schedule:
Nov 8th     Club Assembly
Nov 15th   Walking the Appalachian Trail.
Nov 22nd  Peppers Restaurant Lakewood, Bob Buck.
I hope to see you Wednesday.              
Dear Rotarians and Friends,
We had a modest, but adequate, turnout for the Beck Center Cleanup.  It was drizzly and cool, but your fellow Rotarians made fast action of the work under the watchful eye of our organizer, Bill Gaydos. A “Thank You” to:  Jim Penning, Jim Rowe, Jim Harris, Mike Hamed, Lynda Carter, Maria Drummond, Bill Gaydos and myself.  We had plenty of nutritious doughnuts and hot coffee.  Can you have too many doughnuts? Each year the task gets easier as we seem to have been able to get ahead and stay ahead of the project.  If only our Browns could be so fortunate to get ahead and stay ahead.
Marty Harris has brought our Club the opportunity to read to elementary students at Harrison School in Lakewood.  The program is intended to give children that are struggling a helping hand.  Isn’t that what we do??  The teachers at the same school have provided us with another opportunity, this time to help them.  On the day of Parent Teacher conferences usually the school PTA puts on an early dinner meal for the teachers.  The PTA is not functioning well and they have asked us for help.  Marty and Dave Bruedigam will discuss this and bring any special requirements to the members.  More information at our meeting.
November is Rotary International Foundation Month.  Jim Penning will discuss the importance of the Foundation for a few minutes at each meeting this month. We all need to continue to support the International Foundation and the many things that the money supports.  I realize this time of year everyone is shaking the money tree and RI is not much different in terms of financial needs.  What sets RI apart from the vast majority of non-profits is the stewardship and frugal management of the foundation assets.  Rotary International has a very low administrative expense and the distribution of much of the funds is managed at the local level to include international projects.
Our rotary calendar looks like this:
Nov 1    John Pyke.   History of the RR Metro Park
Nov 6    Club Assembly  Committee Break Out, Fund Raiser, Board Nominees
Nov 15  Walking the Appalachian Trail
Nov 22  Bob Buck.  Peppers Restaurant
Outside of our Rotary Club Meeting:
Nov 4    Interaction Event at Cuyahoga Falls HS.  Interact  from Lutheran West HS & Lakewood HS Clubs
Nov 16  Lakewood & RR Chamber Joint Luncheon at WW CC
Nov 17  Bread gathering and sorting at the Masonic Temple, LCAC
Nov 18  Food packaging at the Masonic Temple, LCAC   
In your daily life, don’t forget the “ASK”.  Are you interested in Rotary??  Would you like to donate and/or attend our Fund Raiser on February 9, 2018.
Keep “Making A Difference”.
Rotary News Update
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